Please bring your current insurance card, co-payment and a list of your current medications to each appointment. 

1. We do our best to offer same-day appointments, but these are booked quickly, so we advise that you call the office early in the day if you hope to schedule a same-day appointment. 

2. Please inform the schedulers of the reason for your appointment so they can allow adequate time for your appointment. 

3. Should you be unable to keep your appointment, please call us at (209)599-4211 x 2 to cancel or reschedule, as soon as possible. 

4. Yearly physical exams for men over age 50 are advised. Please ask to schedule a “Complete Physical” at our front desk or call (209) 599-4211 x 2.

5.  Yearly physical exams are advised for women.  If you see a gynecologist, please ask them to forward all reports to our office in order to keep your record complete.  

As a convenience to our patients we offer on-site blood draws. You do not need to schedule an appointment for this procedure, however our doctor’s lab order must be in your file. Blood draws are performed on a walk-in basis.  The lab hours are Monday-Thursday from 7 AM - 2 PM; and on Friday the lab is open from 7:00AM - 11:00AM.  We do not draw lab tests ordered by outside physicians. 

Medication Refills: 
Please contact your pharmacy directly when due for a medication refill. They will forward your request to us and we will respond within 48-72 hours.  If you need to speak with our refill staff, please call (209) 599-4211 x 6 and leave a detailed message.

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Ripon Family Physicians